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Tik Tok Collected

Tik Tok Collected User’s Information For 15 Months

This popular application in which people share very short videos are shared (very similar to what Vine was a few years ago) became the center of attention in the past few months. This is because of the amount of users that are using the platform, whether that is to upload or watch the thousands of videos that are uploaded every day. Even the US president Donald Trump announced he wanted to veto the application in that country and make it a property of an American company.

The news were also stating that several companies are banning the use of Tik Tok to their employees, because it was putting at risk the productivity and data security of those companies. This was before having the confirmation that the Chinese application had compiled identifiers from thousands of its Android users for a year and a half. These are used for the application to track their users without knowing or being able to stop it. The Wall Street Journal stated these facts after an investigation made by the prestigious newspaper.

This identifier compilation without the users’ consent is against Google’s norms. What we do know is that the MAC addresses of the network’s adapters o the devices where they use the application. A MAC address contains 48 bits and it is unique to the card or network device.

Apple, on the other end tried to be one step ahead and blocked the MAC addresses sot that applications could not access the identifier. Google performed that same task for Android in 2015, but Tik Tok was still capable of going over that restriction through an alternative path.

The White House Announced the signing of an act last august 2nd in which transactions with the companies who own Tik Tok and We Chat are banned in the US.

This will be effective starting September 15th. Microsoft, on the other hand announced that they will try to purchase Tik Tok’s operations in different countries, including the United States.

The app mentioned several times that they are not sharing data with the Chinese government, and that the users’ information is stored in the US itself. However, they also stated that there is a backup of that data in Singapore (instead of china, as the rumors said). “None of our data is subject to the Chinese government” the Asian application explained.

You can see more about the statement that the company released last year regarding this, please click here.

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