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ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™️

New generation of DLP

A Dlp solution built for protection


ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™️ solution is a leading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution used by organizations to protect against internal and external threats automatically.

ITsMine’s Beyond DLP™ takes a proactive approach to protect data within company boundaries and beyond. Using Artificial Intelligence, behavior analysis, and deception techniques, Beyond DLP™ secures and protects all three stages of digital data. ITsMine’s DLP solution is built to protect data from the inside out, differentiating between two vectors of attack and handling them automatically.


Risk free, transparent architecture


Automatic protection depending on vector of attack


Sensitive information is protected throughout all 3 stages of digital data


Your data is always safe

Plug & play

AI-based solution automatically protects against internal and external threats

Zero Inline

Zero inline network appliances or endpoint agents needed on employee devices

Empowers Employees

No effect on employee productivity, while real-time education keeps them aware

Meet regulations

Meets top regulation requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, PCI and Hipaa

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ITsMine was founded in 2017 by a group of experts aimed at offering a new, unique, proactive approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Blocks and Isolates

Automatically blocks and isolates the compromised endpoint, and provides important forensic information even after data exfiltration. ITsMine’s critical data layer puts the control back in your hands.

Empowers Employees

ITsMine empowers employees to handle critical data with the proper care. By detecting abnormal behavior and calculating risk levels, the solution can automatically educate, block activity, or send unparalleled information obtained on the employee’s suspicious activity to your security department.

Full Protection

Protect all stages of your organization’s data with the latest in DLP.