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El futuro de tiktok

Future of Tik TOk

The Future of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a Chinese social media platform that belongs to Byte Dance and started very strong in America. It not only won a spot in the elite market of social media, which many people thought that there was no room for another one.

In a market that is so competitive that there are 3.9 billion users that are using one of more of those per day -and that according to the statistics spend almost two hours per day on them-, a young platform like Tik Tok with more than 800 million users becomes very attractive.

What the US had to say

The US president Donald Trump said that they would not allow Tik Tok to continue expanding in their country, even gave an ultimatum: Either they sell it to an American company, or they are out forever. The deadline for the closing according to Trump is September 15th, where the application will be forbidden, or it will be absorbed/purchased by a company (or at least its participation in the US).

You might be wondering why the president of the most powerful country in the world is interested in an app. There is a simple reason: According to Trump, Tik Tok is spying on his people and obtaining confidential information.

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The story did not end there. The president mentioned the possibility for Microsoft or another American company to take the American version of Tik Tok, hoping for that business to generate revenue for the government.

There are more than 100 million users of the app in the US that represent 20% of the total income of Tik Tok globally. However, Microsoft’s interests go beyond business; it is the perfect opportunity to compete with Facebook and Google, who own the social media platforms with the most users around the world.

Others who are participating

Recently, two other huge corporations were interested in this business, but that weren’t exactly invited to the party. The first one is Walmart, who are interested in Tik Tok to improve their business. The second company is Oracle, another leading company in technology in the world that hast Trump’s blessing since -according to the politician- is a very honorable company, as well as its founder. Oracle is one of the companies that supports the controversial north government and would be willing to take a piece of the cake as Trump is proposing.

To finish, we must mention that Tik Tok might be purchased for a value that is around 20,000 and 35,000. There was also some recent news about Triller Inc making a $20 billion offer with Centricurs Asset Management, an investment firm. This bet was for the assets of TikTok (a rival to Triller Inc).

We hope to see the end of this American novel that includes spying, intrigue and off course, a lot of money. The important thing is that the end user should be put as a priority in all of this.

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