The visibility is the solution?

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Visibility is the solution?

The cyberworld is infinite. Just like the universe we live in, it is constantly expanding and that growth causes us to lose visibility. The threats this world is facing keep growing in an astronomical way, and not everyone is prepared to face them.

Is not just about malware, but about the potential vulnerabilities that can exist in your network or company right now without you noticing or being able to identify it. This is where visibility plays an important role in the identification and protection of any threat.

With the growing migration of data to the cloud and the integration of IoT devices, attacks can happen internally and externally with more frequency. We must be prepared to be on top of the growth of digital transformation, so that our protection strategies are not inferior.

This means that the more entrance points the cybercriminals have, the more severe the consequences are if we are taken by surprise.


What is cyber visibility?

This is a term that we are going to use constantly, but it’s important to define it properly. When we talk about visibility, we mean knowing about all of the devices inside a company and all the incoming and outgoing so that we know which are the measures we need to take to avoid breaches and know everything that is going on in the company.

Steps to improve cyber visibility

The first step is to perform an assessment of the different channels where we could encounter breaches and those who have more blind spots. This will help to obtain a clear view of the risk.

The real problem comes when people don’t go through this first step and the head of the security department starts to buy solutions or products thinking that it will keep their company safe.

This turns out to be a pile of products that are not being exploited to their full potential and the visibility issue is still growing in the company. However, we must first have knowledge of where the issue is so we can decide wisely about the solution that can provide visibility in those areas.

The last step is to make sure that the security equipment has full visibility. This can be done through constant monitoring in real time all of the company’s assets that are the most valuable, since those are the main goal of attackers.

What is the interest of cybercriminals?

The reason why cybercriminals target those assets is because they represent an opportunity to steal money or data in large quantities, since it is important to focus on that area first. We must also identify the weakest path that attackers could already be exploding.

This includes shown and hidden IoT devices, inherited systems, associated communication paths, etc. We must also minimize blind spots as much as possible, because otherwise these will continue to be exploited despite the defense we have in place.

And Physical

Since we talked about the physical aspect and the devices we must evaluate, let’s talk about what we can’t touch. We must also have visibility of the processes and activities in the network so that we can track any policy violation, anomalies or any other suspicious activity.

This can happen through automated detection, threat intelligence, and the capacity to investigate/quarantine and remediate threats automatically. Others include signature detection, behavior analysis, and email quarantine.

Another step we should take is to decide what security solutions we are going to put into place. These must be functioning throughout the entire company, that way we will have relevant information and analyze and process the data once received and create a response to reduce loss if an attack were to happen.

It is also important

It is important to also have the capability to know about the trends and predict future movements so we can have better backup plan; only that way we are going to make sure that our PCs and other devices are prepared to prevent, identify and isolate attacks.

However, there is something very important to consider even after performing these steps correctly. It’s not only about training the staff and setting up the solutions in the company so that they work smoothly, but it’s also about considering previous practices.

What I mean by this is that there must be a constant analysis and detailed reporting of the metadata to evaluate it and compare it to the current ones as well as the predictions. That way, security analysts can look back on what happened during a violation, how the attackers penetrated the defense, the damage, and how to avoid it in the future.


To conclude, having visibility in real time will be the difference between be able to identify and isolate an attack from your company or not. There must be a visualization of the high-level information once obtained to know more about the different events and threats, and that way five a faster answer in threat prevention. There must always be constant visibility over the territory to be more efficient when protecting your company from breaches or blind spots that attackers may be exploiting without you knowing about it.

My IT Channel has a wide variety of products and services to help your company to have more cyber visibility. If you would like to know more about how our solutions help to have a safer environment, please click here.

Remember: If we can’t see it, how can we protect it?

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