Perception Point

The award-winning number one email protection platform

A powerful and robust console that protects email ON Premise or in the cloud.


Product Overview

What is Perception Point

Perception Point is an award-winning email protection platform for OFFICE 365, GOOGLE WORKSPACE, or any other cloud or on-premises email service.

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Perception Point


How Perception Point works ?

With its patented X-Ray technology, it protects any email service regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise.

Feature 1


The Perception Point console in the cloud has been implemented in all types of companies with up to millions of daily emails without delaying the operation.


Feature 2

Permanent control

With its 8 layers of protection and the large number of controls it includes, it allows you to control the mail, its links and the attachments that arrive every day

Permanent control

Feature 3

Low resource consumption

Our technologies do not require the use of sandbox with which the speed of delivery exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Low resource consumption

Technical Specifications

Discover how PerceptionPoint works, the minimum installation requirements and why it is the most complete product on the market

Protection anywhere

Perception Point technologies help protect the email of large companies around the world without the use of agents

Patented technologies

Perception Point is a product that is developed with the most advanced technologies on the market, even the use of Sandbox is not necessary to ensure mail security

Malware Scan

Perception Point also allows you to protect Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and many more from the same console


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* Microsoft OFFICE 365, Google WorkSpace, Zimbra, Exchange server, Mail Hosting and others

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