October, Month Of Cyberattacks

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October is not only the month of Halloween, it is also the month where cyberattacks increase.

According to an analysis carried out by Infosec, it is calculated that in the last 5 years cyberattacks have increased all over the world, precisely in October.  This suggests that this year will not be the exception.

China is expected to increase its attacks by 92%

How did they do the analysis?

They compared the cyberattacks with the news of interest in the same month of October and suggest that it may be a great coincidence that in the same period natural disasters also increased.

When natural disasters arrive, search engine queries about prevention or progress of these disasters increase and that is when attackers take the opportunity to launch their attacks, since it is possible that the target lowers its guard and allows it to be easily breached.

As reported by Jerri Clarday, editor of the report for Infosec, he reached that conclusion only by doing a basic search on google. There are already groups that offer their services to attack health entities throughout the European Union and whose purpose is to create false vaccination records for the buyer who needs them.

As is evident, this could create a catastrophe in the health sector since many people without a vaccine could be transmitting the virus to their peers, making it more complicated to eradicate the pandemic worldwide.


Recent attacks in October

Recently there were attacks on the infrastructure of Banco Pichincha, one of the largest banks in Ecuador that has a regional presence and that admitted having been compromised by Ransomware attacks.

The gaming platform Twitch was also the target of a data breach revealing a huge amount of confidential data of its users and payment information, this platform owned by Amazon should have very high levels of security since budget problems in Cybersecurity should not to have.

Let’s see the figures for October

Between 2016 and 2020 the attacks have been divided as follows: Russia 21%, Anonymous 24%, Iran 12%, China 20% and another 23% according to the report. In that period of time, it went from having 3 to having 25 incidents per month, that is, an increase rate of 1,150%.


The attacks were not the same in all the events and malware, botnets, ransomware among others were used.

These indicators will continue to grow as long as attackers have the ease of receiving their income through cryptocurrencies that have no control in any country in the world.

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During the month of October of the last five years, all types of entities were analyzed, not only governmental but also banking entities, political elections, interruption of public services, media and political and military infrastructures around the world.

In conclusion

It is practically impossible to say that the attacks are going to end. On the contrary, they will increase more and more. We cannot continue with the same security positions that we have until now. We must be proactive before the attacks and very watch out for what happens in October.

We must take advantage of the increase in next-generation products and applications that are being very effective in countering attackers who in turn also create more types of attacks undetectable by traditional technologies.

Perhaps it is time to stop seeing Cybersecurity as an expense and start increasing budgets in this area, which is the only one that can guarantee business continuity and the protection of the most important asset for companies YOUR INFORMATION.

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