FBI’s 7 Most Wanted Hackers

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Hackers have the same convictions as other criminals today.

Internet has helped humanity in so many different ways, but as with most things in life, not everything is for good reasons. In this 21st century, cybercrime is very common, and with this, the government entities need to have their eyes wide open.

Today we bring you the 7 Most Wanted Hackers by the FBI, along with the rewards in exchange for information that leads to their arrest.

  1. SHaileshkumar P. Jain

  • Conspired with Bjorn Daniel Sundin
  • Reward: $20,000
  • Crimes/charges: Tricked victims into buying more than a million copies of fake software products.
  • Date: Since 2006
  • Total profit: 100 million stolen from the target users
  1. Nicolae Popescu

  • Reward: Up to $1,000,000
  • AKA: Niculae Popescu, Nae Popescu, Nicolae Petrache, “Nae”, “Stoichitoiu”
  • Crimes/charges: Accused of deceiving Americans with fake auction posts in places like Ebay.com, Cars.com and AutoTrader.com. Auctioning luxury items that did not exist.
  • Total profit: Along with other members of his band they earned $3,000,000
  • Status: Six members of the band were arrested in 2012, but one member and he escaped.
  1. Alexsey Belan

  • Reward: Up to $100,000
  • AKA: Magg, M4G, Moy.Yawik and Abyvraig.
  • Crimes/Charges: Accused of stealing user databases from big E-commerce companies in Nevada and California. He supposedly sold the stolen information as well. He will also face charges for being involved in the Yahoo hacking, which compromised more than 500 million accounts.
  • Last seen: Athens, Greece.
  1. Peteris Sahurovs

  • Reward: Up to $50,000
  • AKA: Piotrek, Piotrek.89 and Sagade.
  • Charges/crimes: Selling fraudulent security programs to victims without any suspicion.
  • Total profit: $2 million
  • Could found him in: Rezekne, Latvia or Kiev, Ukraine.
  1. Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

  • Reward: Up to $3 million dollars
  • AKA: Lucky12345, Slavik and Polingsoon
  • Crimes/charges: The botnet GameOver Zeus, which was allegedly used by criminals to infect more than one million users. Also accused of developing the CryptoLocker Ransomware
  • Date: Since 2009
  • Total profit: $100 million in loss for the victims
  1. Farhan UI Arshad

  • Reward: Up to $50,000
  • Charges/crimes: Involved in a “telecommunication international scheme” that focused on individuals, companies and government entities.
  • Date: End of 2008 – beginning of 2012
  • Last seen: Malaysia
  1. Noor Aziz Uddin

  • Reward: Up to $50,000
  • Crimes/charges: The same as Arshad, since it is believed that they are involved in the same organization. Conspiring to commit Network Fraud, Conspiring to have Non-Authorized Access to Computers, Network Fraude, and Identity Theft.
  • Last seen in Saudi Arabia

Please, if you ever see o come across someone who looks like the criminals we mentioned, do not hesitate to warn the local authorities.

It can be helpful, and you might get some money out of it.

Thank you for reading!

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