7 Reasons to Protect your Email in 2021

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We want to help protect your email and that is why in this post you will find the best suggestions to achieve it.

The constant technology news talk about the attacks that were able to penetrate the networks of some of the largest companies in the world and the way they lost their most valuable asset: data.

The Statistics

We see many statistics that mention the amount of attacks and the cost for this companies to not have the applications or necessary devices to prevent from being attacked, or how many malfunctions took place that failed to protect their information.

Today we will talk to you about the 7 main reasons why you should protect your email during 2021, so you understand why it is important to have some type of security in your mailbox.

1.-The Pandemic

COVID-19 does not make it easier for companies to be protected; most of them do not have the people in charge in the office that can perform management and protection tasks, which makes the company an easy target. Therefore, we must focus on protection, especially when we know we are an objective of attacks due to the recent pandemic.

2.-A Frequently used intermediary

Employees are not in their offices right now, but the communication is still happening. Whether it is email, file sharing or remote connections like VPN and other times of permanent communication means. However, email is the most used intermediary by companies so they can communicate with their employees, which makes it a target. Protecting mailboxes could make a difference when being a target for an attack.

3-Effective communication

Email became more important than usual these past few months. Both employees, employers and customers have permanent access to their emails at home or wherever they are, whether they are accessing it through their cellphones or computers. This is where the weak spot is and attackers exploit it, so people fall for their attacks. Having to work from home or someplace different than the office can be a common objective for attacks.

4.-False expectations

Many IT managers think that having a mailbox hosted in Office365 or G-Suite (two of the most used platforms for email management in the market) are enough to protect email, and it is not the case at all. There are many studies that show that these services can somewhat control spam, but when we talk about advanced security, we need to use a third-party solution. These are times in which virtual crime is more common than ever, and we must be careful when choosing an email protection solution.

5-Trusting the past

Many companies still use traditional products that provide basic protection and are not up to the attacks that become more and more sophisticated. For example, attackers use social engineering to make users fall more easily into their traps. For that reason, we cannot stick to the same solution that we have used for 5 years. As attacks are improving, solutions must be up to date to prevent any consequences on mailboxes.

6.-The popular BEC attacks

The term BEC refers to Business Email Compromise attacks, that don’t involve malware or links that encourage users to visit external sites. What the attack is about is making the recipient to reveal confidential information. This type of phishing is not detected by traditional email protection products since they look almost the same as a normal email. However, they have the intention of exploiting the account until taking over it completely.

7.-Cyberattacks evolution

Hackers and cybercriminals evolve astronomically with malware and attacks that are used to take information and dismantle an entire company’s network. That is why there will always be more sever and evasive attacks and more security policies. We must be up to date with email protection technologies to make sure that our mailboxes are safe, always.

If we want to protect our email we cannot do this with one product that is traditional since attacks can be sophisticated for it not to depend on one solution that controls it but that also performs actions all together. This includes non-traditional advanced applications.

About Us

Here at My IT Channel, we love to be up to date and distribute the latest most advanced solutions that use state-of-the-art technology to keep your mailboxes safe in the most effective way possible.

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