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Deceptive bytes

End Point Deception

Active Endpoint Cyber Defense

Deceptive Bytes provides an innovative solution against threats in enterprises’ most critical and exposed assets, their endpoints. The solution creates dynamic & deceptive information which interferes with any attempt to recon the environment and deters the attacker from executing its malicious intents, through all the stages of compromise in the Attack Kill Chain – covering advanced & sophisticated malware techniques, constantly making sure all the endpoints & data in the enterprise are secured.

Preemptive & Proactive

Real time detection & response


The thin agent (<1.5 MB) and 0.0.1 CPU

Signature - Less

No constant updates or signatures


Low to non-exiting false positive

What is Deceptive bytes

Provides an innovative solution against threats in enterprises’ most critical and exposed assets, their endpoints!

Preemptive Defense

Making malware believe it’s in an unattractive/hostile environment to attack and reducing the chances of a successful attack.
For example, creating a sandbox/VM environment which deter malware.

Proactive Defense

Actively responding to threats as they evolve, changing the outcome of the attack through all the stages of the Endpoint Kill Chain.

Behavioral Defense

Identifying & preventing legitimate apps being used for malicious operations.

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Our Advantages

Deceptive is the best option to improve the security of corporate networks without investing in several products and without having a skilled workforce

Doesn’t impact user experience 0
Security 0
Easy to use 0
Prevents unknown & sophisticated threats

The deception based solution uses common behaviors malware use against it and prevents threats without using signatures, patterns or prior knowledge

System-wide protection with pinpoint handling

The solution doesn’t need to scan everything, it only handles unknown processes

NO constant updates

The solution doesn’t need to be updated frequently since it uses common behavior malware use which doesn’t update often

High stability - operates in User-mode

The thin agent operates in user-mode, meaning it can’t cause system failure or used as a point of entry to potential attackers & gain full access to the OS