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Chrome 85

Chrome 85: The Newest Version of The Popular Browser

The Silicon Valley giant launched its latest version of the famous web browser, called Chrome 85.

Market analysis

While this release is happening, its main competitor Microsoft is releasing its latest version of Edge, saying goodbye to the legendary Internet explorer and which pretends to face Chrome 85 directly (something that only time will tell).

Bill Gate’s company strategy is so aggressive that they are even trying to make users from OS Windows to download it as an update, even for Windows 7 users to which they had announced that there would not be any more updates.

The web browser market is by far dominated by Chrome, and with the increase of the sales in Apple globally with Safari they are positioning themselves in the market in the second place. They are also outweighing Firefox and Opera who have been in this contest for a long time.

According to StatCounter, the market is dominated at is 65.89% by Chrome, followed by Safari at 16.65%, and followed by Firefox, Samsung Internet (included in their smartphones), Opera and Edge at the end of this short list.

What is new?

In this new Chrome 85 there are two outstanding features: the first one is that the amount of security corrections in regard to their previous version, which had corrected 38 and in their latest one it was only 20. The second one is that they continue to pay rewards to investigators who report vulnerabilities in their products.

One of the most notable vulnerabilities was detected by Nadja Unfethuem, who detected a failure in the autofill feature and make her the winner of the amount of 5,000.

Regarding the levels of those vulnerabilities, the report states that there is no one ot be considered critical. However, there are two that have a high-risk score and there are seven medium risk errors that were corrected. Five of them are low risk but are important to consider regardless of their level of the vulnerability or the vendor. Any security breach will be exploited by the attackers.

The reward

It is important to mention that receiving a reward from the investigators end is a good motivation to continue to check any failure in these products. This makes others to jump in and be a part of the group of specialists who receive a reward for spending days working to benefit a big part of humanity that is using them.

If you want to learn more about this new version, please click here.

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