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Easy backup

The most complete and simple backup solution in the world

Backuptera is a market leading cloud based storage solution. We provide a backup solution for companies and individuals at low prices but with a high level of security.

With the large number of attacks and new attack technologies developed by hackers around the world, backup is part of the solution to avoid the loss of information in case of security flaws or ineffectiveness in the security products available. actually.

Backuptera provides technology that unlocks your big data like a search engine: fast, secure and easy, with just a few clicks, you secure all your critical data with military grade encryption.

That is why more than 4 million users worldwide have this technology.

Outlier detection

DNIF brings out the unbounded potential to identify cases that have never been experienced before.

Speed at scale

Open up new dimension of investigations just because you have speed on your side.

Security automation & response

Automate and orchestrate your defenses across technology with relative ease and scale.

Cost reduction

With our platform we avoid buying various products and integration times

Scale without fear

Adding data to your data systems is always a challenge, don’t worry about capacity or response time, much less price, there is nothing to prevent its growth. DNIF has solutions that help you scale without fear.

Easy integration

Incorporating data into the system is sometimes a very difficult process, DNIF facilitates the intake and processing of active data in real time.

The search is the best!

Finding and refining complex data patterns from your stack is not the easiest, DNIF follows a simple flow-based approach that we are all used to. the simple is a virtue

Aplication integration

The action on critical alerts is generally performed by handlers / hunters, this process needs to be automated, DNIF provides a library of actions and the ability to build more.

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Our Advantages

At DNIF, our job is to learn the constant change. We are passionate about what we do and whom we protect, our research is dynamic and oriented. Our efforts are focused on two key aspects, detecting the largest set of attack sub types and delivering threat information in the shortest time window.

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Tactical correlation of data

Reduce the gap between search, process and actionable information, DNIF has a clean and functional event correlation workflow that you will love for its ease

Great data benefits

Traditional RDBMS or file node systems have struggled to scale this ever-increasing data stack, DNIF is a great data platform that scales, performs and offers the best features, switch to the new generation

Friendly with the service provider

Using a platform that was not implemented by you and making it a friendly system can be a nightmare for SAAS. DNIF has amazing architectural benefits for the service provider community.

Integrated workflow, the simple panel

Imagine multiple tabs for your branches, you are always missing something, DNIF is different, it is capable of giving you a single console in all implementations, with a simple but powerful interface

Flexible architecture

Our data is different and so are the locations where it is available. Data systems have to adapt to the need and be able to deliver a consistent result.

Current licenses

Licenses for maximum aggregate use every second or every day will never be optimal, every day never looks the same and inefficient measurement only leads to a daily loss, our licensing is based on usage, not time

Connecting the dots

We depend on humans to validate, action and over all connect the dots over correlated events, DNIF brings automation to this complex process.

Send actions to custom apss

You applications are known to function in different silos, imagine the power they would bring if they could be made to talk and engage on critical intelligence.