About Us

My IT Channel is born under the need from the market to have a wholesaler of IT Security Solutions in Latin America. The Brands from this sector Havre an ally in the region who is in charge of positioning your products hand in hand with a Group of professionals who have the experience to do so and who have positioned other brands that today have coverage in more than 20 countries of the region.

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Why choose us?

Cost Reduction

It’s better to have an ally in this región than to investí Big time in having an office in every country.

Return On Investment

Increase exponentially the ROI in a short time, because our team Will do the work for you.

Time Reduction

Thanks to our experience, we can accelerate the positioning of your products.

Exclusivity for your product

We guarantee that when selling/distributing your product, we won’t sell a product that is similar in features.


What People Say About Us

Some comments from our clients and Partners, talking about their experience in our channel.

  • Habíamos intentado con varias marcas pero solo con eScan encontramos una solución de seguridad completa, con excelente soporte y precio razonable

    Client Image
    • Juanita Gomez
    • Manager
  • Nuestra última experiencia fue traumática, se encriptaron varias pcs. De nada sirvió la protección anti-ransomware que nos habían ofrecido otras marcas, eScan superó de lejos nuestras expectativas.

    Client Image
    • Juan Carlos
    • Designer
  • Otros mayoristas facturaban directo a clientes finales, con My IT Channel tenemos un respeto total y un respaldo tecnico y comercial que no teníamos antes

    Client Image
    • Catalina
    • Manager